NBS – How to advocate for others

On LinkedIn, when you reach out to people from many different industries with the intention of introducing them to other relevant contacts at the Hub, you will meet some great people.

When you are new, you don’t know many of the other key collaborators in the room.

But your coach and their coach do!

Through your coach and your coach’s coach, you are connected to many great contacts.

Which means you can authentically say something like the following on your LinkedIn profile:

Although I may be unable to help you personally, it is almost a certainty that I will be able to introduce you to people who will be able to help you.

I am fortunate to have a large network of know, like and trust relationships and I’m always happy to connect great people with other great people because I know they will do the same for me.

Shifting the outdated networking paradigm

The above reverses the way most people think about networking.

Most people connect with people they believe they may be able to do business with.

Therefore, most people they connect with are warily waiting for “the pitch”.

Uncomfortable, isn’t it?

How much more pleasant is it when we want to meet people, get to know them and see who we can connect them with for their benefit?

So how can you advocate for fellow collaborators?

Build your network through the Hub as fast as you can!

Many of the people who join the NBS will be great contacts for fellow collaborators.

Or will know great contacts for fellow collaborators.

Or will bring people to the Hub who are great contacts for fellow collaborators.

Just imagine when many, many other collaborators are doing the same for you.

Organise connections through your coach rather than going direct

It’s easy to introduce people at the Hub to others to show them what is possible.

However, when someone you introduce joins the NBS, and you are thinking of introducing them to another collaborator, check with your coach first – they may be able to give you some invaluable tips leading to far better results – this is not a lone wolf sport!