NBS – Good News Stories

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We all love good news stories

Especially when we are the recipients!

A lot of work goes into creating good news stories for others.

The first part of this is increasing the number of people participating in the Workshops.

The more people attending and contributing to the workshops, the greater the opportunity for all.

Opportunities mostly arise because someone in the workshop knows someone who has usually never attended a Hub.
The extended network of those in the Workshop is very large indeed (.. we commonly hear of “6 Degrees of Separation“)

Good news stories help to increase your visibility

When others continually refer to you as the person who helped create a result or an opportunity for you, people know you are a giver.

It helps others to get to know you more quickly. People like people who are continually trying to help others. People who do this rapidly become trusted.

The more of a rain-maker you are for others. The more people want to get to know you.
Within the hub community, those who are contributing .. stand out

When you have a continual stream of people coming to the Hub, it is easy to become a rain-maker!
Others notice your contribution in bringing guests that in tern expands opportunities for all.

Good news stories let us know about the great opportunities that together we create

Without the good news stories at the workshop, we would not know the power of the collaborative.

Good news stories create belief and inspire

When there are so many good news stories it is clear how just how valuable it is to build a network.

Good news stories often “trigger” connection ideas in the minds of those listening to the good news story.

Good news stories get our creative juices going and cause us to think “outside the square”.

Good news stories positively recognise and encourage others for their achievements

And don’t we all love to be recognised?