NBS – Building Brand You

What do you want to become known for?
What type of articles and posts do you want to share with all your first level connections?

Some people adopt a “sensationalist” approach to posts and articles to attract attention
However, what happens when someone does look at your profile – do you appear to be the sort of person they would want to connect with – someone who may be able to help them?

Add Value

We recommend trying some of the following to Build “Brand You”

  • Writing or sharing material that attracts attention and also
  • Adds value or penny drop-moments
  • If people like what you write about they will connect
  • Think about people who have a strong online presence – people like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Gary V……
  • If you are attracted to the idea of writing, consider:
  • Subscribing to blogs that interest you
  • Using a tool such as Evernote to easily clip material you come across and store it in “Notes” and “Notebooks” for later reference
  • Consider tools such as Buffer which make it easy to schedule publishing posts that you write in a block of time
  • If you are not attracted to the idea of writing, start by sharing the posts and articles of others that you admire

Pick topics you are interested in

Make a list of topics that you are interested and that also relate to building a network.
For example” Leadership, Personal Development, The Gig Economy, Time management and multiplication, Leveraged Income, etc.
Save articles that are external to LinkedIn that may trigger thoughts for your own posts or articles.
Share posts on these topics with your comment.
Make time to engage with those that respond to your comments or articles.