NBS – Becoming a Coach

When one of your guests joins the NBS the system asks them to enter the email address of “Your Coach”.

That’s you!

Initially, the person coaching you will help you to start others. You can just “sit-in” watch and learn.

Gaining access to Coaches Corner and information for Coaches

When you become a coach, it is important that you are able to access the information in Coaches Corner.

This includes the practical steps of how to register others and how to help them download and Activity Sheet.

More importantly, it also gives you access to a vast amount of information about human behaviour and how to deal with others.

It will give you access to valuable leadership and personal development information that will help you to perform significantly better in everything you do.

Also, on many pages in the NBS Syllabus there is Information for Coaches which is only available for those who are part of the “Coaches” group.

Becoming a member of the Coaches Group

Before you are about to get your first person started on the NBS, your coach will probably nominate you as a coach.

However, don’t leave it to chance!
Ask them to add you to the Coaches group.
This will be done by a coach administrator.
If that is not your coach they should know who the administrator is for your team.

After you have been nominated as a coach, you will see an additional item in the Builders menu called “Coaches Corner”.

The advantages of being a Coach

When you become a coach, you start multiplying your time!
You have now introduced another person putting “fingers to keyboard” and inviting people to the Hub.

It’s easy to build close relationships with people in your team and help them create results with other team members and people attending the Hub.

In turn, they will advocate for you and help you create the results you are seeking.

You have now started a process of Duplication which after a while will grow with or without you.
Provided you have emphasised the importance of everyone following the system!

It’s also great to start developing a community within your team.
Having fun.
Lead a group of people who enjoy working together.