NBS – Advanced LinkedIn and Linked Helper

So far, we have concentrated on automating outbound LinkedIn connection requests.

Doing More with LinkedIn and Linked Helper

What else can you do to attract inbound connection requests and build your profile on LinkedIn?

  • Share the posts and articles of others with your first level connects
    • When you share a post, you can also include your comment on them and encourage your 1st level connections to share with their 1st level connections
    • If the connection of your connections (your 2nd level connections) respond to your comment, this is another great way to start engaging with them
  • Create your own posts and articles and share with your first-level connections
  • Automatically visit other people’s profiles
    • Many of the people you visit this way will also visit your profile and as a result, they may send you a connection request
  • Re-engage with 1st level connections who have not yet engaged with you by sending them something new through email (such as an invitation to hear a particular speaker)
    • After a while, you will build a large network of first-connections, most of which you have not yet met face-to-face
    • There is large potential in that group and the timing may not have been good when you first connected with them
    • One way to reach such people is to use Linked Helper to obtain their email addresses from LinkedIn and then engage with them on email rather than LinkedIn
    • The reason for this is that most people check their email inbox more frequently than they check LinkedIn
  • Stay engaged with people by scheduling email messages containing great audio links
    • This can easily be done using the scheduler in your Activity Sheet
  • Endorse others whose profile you like (this is distinct from a recommendation)
    • This will often prompt the other person to start a conversation with you and you can recommend you connect and meet in person
  • Watch for notifications of events involving your connections (such as birthdays, promotions, changing job roles)

More details to come…. watch this space!