Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Biographical Info My main role is chatting with business owners about their Marketing, and looking after my labrador puppy, Winston. I determine if businesses are getting value from marketing, and either refer in collaborators or provide assistance through my marketing & design agency. check out this video with Mark Navin describing a bit about how we help Marketing manager and business owner specialising in Marketing, Website building/design, lead generation, online & offline marketing strategies, branding, graphic design. But overall i'm here to help you first. Let me know who you want to be introduced to, and I'll try my best to make it happen where relevant and appropriate. I'm also more than happy to catch up any time.

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Start Date 26/12/2017

Mobile Phone +61407600838



Short Description I analyse any Businesses Marketing, both with their strategy and specific implementations. I then give recommendations for how they can get better results, whether that through my Marketing agency or another.

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Relevant IndustriesDigital Marketing, Marketing

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