Peter Rea

Peter Rea

Peter Rea

Biographical Info Classic overachiever! I have spent the last 30 years of my life at sea. Starting off as a SCUBA Divemaster I worked my up to Master Instructor and then manager/part owner of a dive centre. I transitioned to yachting as a yacht charter captain, before moving up to management and then Director of a charter company in Belize operating 5 boats. 10 years ago I switched to the commercial side of shipping as a Master working in the oil and gas and windfarm industries. Covid was a big wake up call for me, keeping me away from my family and friends in the Philippines. So, now I am embarking on my next great adventure, as a shareholder in Boomering Inc, to further myself personally and professionally.

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Start Date 22/02/2022

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Short Description Enriching clients and staff lives through simple and smart offshoring solutions. We aim to work with you so that you can work on your business rather than being buried inside it.

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