Alexey Dubrovin

Alexey Dubrovin

Alexey Dubrovin

Biographical Info I believe that every problem can be solved utilising an appropriate set of tools, methods or strategies. I believe and have experienced it many times that the way to build a reliable solution for a problem is via understanding the root cause of it and treating this root cause and not the manifestations. I have expertise in software development for the last 20 years and first started working with an outsourced team 15 years ago eventually transformed my experience in what I call building distributed teams about 2 years ago. Finally, my previous LI account was recently banned with no warning or any temporarily restriction - the way they would treat a terrorist or sexual abuser... Which I obviously have nothing in common with, just feel disappointed in... in LI. But it is a business environment, so nothing personal, I am starting from scratch, so I would appreciate an incoming connection request, Thank you!

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Start Date 01/10/2018

Mobile Phone +61413900212

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Short Description Helping enterprises and startups creating effective, robust and reliable software solutions. Bringing fun solving difficult problem - technical and others. More Info at

Relevant PositionsConsultant, Software Developer

Relevant IndustriesInformation Technology, Software Development

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