Links to send potential, new and advanced network builders

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Video-1:  Networking vs Network Building
– Video-2: Overview of our Network Building System
– Video-3: What’s the Value Proposition

For those who say they prefer to connect Online rather than Face-to-Face
‘Rediscovering Personal Networking’ by Michael Goldberg

When they or you can’t meet at the Hub for a few weeks
– ‘Smarter Networking‘ by Matt Kreis
– ‘Networking is Not Working‘ by Doug McColgin
– ‘Try Something New for 30 Days‘ by Matt Cutts
– ‘The Hidden Influence of Social Networks‘ by Nicholas Christakis
– ‘Are you a Giver or a Taker?’ by Adam Grant
– ‘The Importance of Focus‘ by Richard St.John

To Help Reinforce our Paradigms
– ‘Creating Advocacy in your Network‘ by Jason Ross
– ‘Networking in the 2nd Dimension‘ by Jason Ross
– ‘Smarter Networking, Connecting the Dots‘ by Matt Kreis
– ‘Creativity & Connectivity‘ by Clive Kay

To Help Deeper Understanding and Engagement
– ‘Enablers & Multipliers‘ by Matt Kreis
– ‘Your X-Y Factor‘ by Martin Bentley Gibbons
– ‘Take Advantage of What’s Coming‘ by Guy Wilson
– ‘The Real Value of the NBS‘ by Brendan Robinson