Links to help our Partners shift their paradigms

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Too Busy
– “How to Gain Control of your FreeTime” by Laura Vanderkam
– “Mastering Time Management” by Tania Wilson
– “The Important vs the Urgent” great article by General Eisenhower
– “Rocks-Sand-Water” a great little must-watch video

The importance of and How to Gain Leverage
– “Networking in the 2nd Dimension” by Jason Ross
– “The Leverage of Relationships” by Jason Ross

Advocacy and How to advocate
– “Creating Advocacy in Your Network” by Jason Ross

– “Posture and Owning the Process” by Martin Bentley Gibbons

Consistency & Daily Habits
– “The discipline of Finishing” by Connor Neil
– “The Slight Edge: Easy to do / Easy not to do” by Jeff Olsen
– “The power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg
– “Habits” by Dan Armao
– “Why Discipline equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink
– “How to Build Self-Discipline Lesson #1: How to Form a Habit
– “Intensity vs Consistency” by Simon Sinek
– “The ‘Con’ in Consistency” by Martin Bentley Gibbons
–  “Exposing the Enemy – A message on Consistency” (great article)

– “The Mindset Behind Goals” by Curlsey Seenyen

Overcoming Obstacles / Improving Skills / Mindset / Attitude
– “I Can’t-Do that Now” by Karin Oldham
– “10 Ways to Have a Better Conversations” by Celeste Headlee
– “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain