K0010 Meetings do the work for you!

Let our meetings do the work for you!

  • Meeting people online is simple. Connect, learn their interests, and invite them to your meetings.
  • Meetings are key to making your tasks easier.
  • They’re effective because everyone, including credible speakers, can share and discuss in a comfortable setting, creating interest and connection.

Here are the steps:

  1. Generate Your Personal Invitation Link: Create a unique link for inviting guests to our meetings. [Create Link]
  2. Share Your Link: Share your link to guests for convenient booking via Calendly, enabling you to track their participation.
  3. Receive Email Notifications: Get notified by email when someone books a meeting using your link.
  4. Track Bookings: Access an overview of all past and future meeting attendees. [View Bookings]
  5. Receive Guest Questionnaire Responses: Guests are encouraged to complete a questionnaire post-presentation; and receive their responses via email.
  6. Receive Presenter Insights: Get feedback from the presenter about your guests (by email).