Interactive Workshops

Progressive interactive small learning groups

Progressive online small learning groups of up to 25 people are a great way to:

  • Learn the basics
  • Increase your personal and leadership skills
  • Trigger ‘light bulb’ moments
  • Meet new people and discover more about them and what they do
  • Contribute ideas and advocacy
  • Ask questions in a completely safe environment
  • Experience encouragement and ideas from others

These progressive learning groups are structured around specific topics, delivered simultaneously by highly qualified facilitators.

Start work Workshop-1 and progress each week from there revisiting past workshops whenever you like.

Results accelerator groups

After you have completed “basic training” with your coach you will be invited to join a results accelerator group.

This is where

  • You will meet with others online and learn hints and tips about how to obtain better network building results
  • Be inspired by what others are doing and achieving
  • Hear a 20-minute presentation from a fellow collaborator about their business
    • These presentations are usually very inspiring as you learn about the creative things fellow entrepreneurs are doing
    • After the presentation, the presenter (which could be you)
      • Will gain ideas from other successful business owners
      • Is a focus of advocacy for the next week

Special purpose online meetings around a particular theme

  • It’s amazing what possibilities you come up with when you brain-storm with a group of like-minded others
  • These topics include things such as
    • International possibilities
    • National government-sponsored initiatives
    • Employer organisations
    • Construction
Building your network is no longer an optional extra!
The post-COVID environment provides the opportunity to see things differently!
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