How to suggest Workshop content changes

We are committed to continual Improvement!

All the content for each Workshop is first composed in a Google Document (thankfully with the aid of the Grammarly Chrome extension)

We then copy and paste this content into your workshop’s web page.

The content is then displayed in ‘Accordions’, making it far easier to read.

Make suggestions

If you believe your workshop content (including the Notes for presenters) could be improved by adding, changing or deleting content feel free to make suggestions!

Here’s how to make your suggestions:

You will find the link to the Google document containing the material for your workshop in ‘Notes for Presenters’ as shown in the following screenshot:

Click the link to the Google document in ‘Notes for the Facilitator’, you will be taken to a document that looks like this:

Note: These ‘Accordions’ correlate with the drop-downs that appear on the webpage of the Workshop you are facilitating.

Let’s say you wanted to edit Accordion 01. When you click on this link, it will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Go up to the top right corner of the screen and choose as shown in the following screenshot:

When you are in “Suggesting” mode

  • Your edits will appear as suggestions.
  • Google will send an email to the CC notifying us of your suggestions
  • When we get a chance, we will review your suggestions, and possibly incorporate them in the document and manually include them on the corresponding web page