How to send connection requests

First create a list of Linkedin profiles to send connection requests

Summary: Use PhantomBuster to paste the LinkedIn profiles from a LinkedIn Boolean search into a ‘csv’ results file into your “PB csv” sheet.

These profiles will be nicely displayed in your “To Connect” sheet.

After you have sent a connection request to all those you want to send a connection request, do another Boolean search and repeat the process.

The additional names will be added to the bottom of the results csv file by Phantombuster so that when you paste this file into “PB csv” the new results will be displayed at the bottom of your “To Connect ” sheet.

How do I paste the profiles into “PB csv”?

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Your Daily Process

It is very simple!

Following is a screenshot of your PBO sheet

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The URL Column

Rather than opening one link at a time, it is far faster to open a group of links.
To do this, highlight a group of profile links and right-click, the following will be displayed:

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When you click “Open Links” all the links SHOULD open in your Chrome browser.


If only 1 link opens, you will probably need to change one of the settings in your Chrome browser – see the Troubleshooting section below

The Exclude Column

This column contains a formula which checks to see if the profile in Column C is also in the Fellow Collaborators sheet.

If so, the word EXCLUDE will appear in the “Exclude?” column and you should not send them a connection request.


In order to make the above work, the first thing to do is to grant access to the Fellow Collaborators as described below

Column AA of your PBO contains a list of profiles that you should not send a connection request. These are imported by the formula in Column AA3.

You need to grant one-time access so that EXCLUDE comes up in the EXCLUDE column if the profile is in the Fellow Collaborators and should, therefore, be excluded.

Here’s what you need to do

Go into your PBO and scroll across to Column AA Row 3
When you hover over this cell, there’s a good chance you’ll see something like the following:

Simply click “Allow Access” and that’s all you need to do!


Do not try to enter any data in the “Exclude?” column or you will overwrite the formula – you should get a warning if you do accidentally try to enter data here!


There is a sheet in the Fellow Collaborators workbook called “Exclude”

Please copy and paste into that Exclude sheet, the profile of anyone you are conversing with on Linkedin who you believe is not a suitable candidate for the Hub (“this is the 19th time I have been contacted”, etc)

This will save other collaborators from wasting their time and also allow us to stop annoying people who do not want to build a network in person (for whatever reason)

As you open and examine each LinkedIn profile

You will determine whether or not you want to send this person a request to connect on LinkedIn

If so you’ll press the “Connect” button as shown in the following screenshot


Before pressing the Connect button, highlight and copy their first name

We use a Chrome Extension called TextBlaze to store commonly used “snippets” of text which can be quickly and easily pasted into the Connection request shown on the following screenshot

One of the features of TextBlaze is {clipboard}. This takes the last thing you copied to the Clipboard and automatically puts it in the text (in this case, there first name)

After pressing the “Connect” button, the following screen will be displayed in LinkedIn

After pressing “Add a note” the following screen will be displayed

Date Connected Column

As from Version 8 of the Activity Workbook, “Connection Requests” are automatically calculated in the “Daily Activity” sheet as the number of rows with that date in the Date Connect Column in PBO.

So, either enter a date indicating that you sent a connection request or some other value such as ‘x’ or ‘n’ indicating that you chose not to send out a connection request.


When you double-click in column A, a calendar defaulting to today’s date will appear (see screenshot below)

This makes it very easy to click to enter a date

Reducing your number of “clicks” & making your daily process faster and easier

If you have a large monitor (not a laptop), rather than continuously clicking between 2 screens, the following Chrome extension makes it easy for you to move between screens and enter your data

Tab resize

Find the above Chrome extension by googling and then install it, follow the directions and it will save you a lot of time.

Hint: Once installed and you have opened tabs for a large number of LinkedIn profiles to the RIGHT of your PBO sheet, click on your PBO sheet Chrome tab and then enter Ctrl-Shift-2 (it all in the documentation of the extension and easy to follow)

Managing all those browser Tabs easily and efficiently

​Go to the Next Tab

Mac+Windows: Ctrl+Tab

Use this to cycle through to the next tab right of the one you currently have open in Chrome

Close Current Tab

Mac: Command+W

Windows: Ctrl+W

Use this to close the current tab and open the tab immediately to the left of the current tab.
If no tab is available on the left, this will open the tab immediately to the right

Reopen Last Tab ( If you accidentally close a tab, you can re-open it with the following key combination)

Mac: Command+Shift+T

Windows: Ctrl+Shift+T

Close all tabs to the right

Half the battle in stopping overwhelm is closing unused tabs!

A great tip here is to use the following Chrome browser feature:

Just click on any tab and then close tabs to the right (see above screenshot)

Duplicate Tab

This is another handy Chrome feature which literally duplicates the current tab.

This is handy where for example, you may be in the middle of messaging someone and you want to get another look at their profile without losing your place in the current tab.

To duplicate the current tab, right-click on it and select as shown in the following screenshot

Dealing with a large number of rows in your PBO sheet

During the set-up process (described below) 50 new rows will typically be automatically added to the bottom of your PBO every second day.

You will be working from the top of the sheet processing these names.

After a while, scrolling through large numbers of rows to get to the last row you processed can be a bit tedious.

You can overcome this by hiding the rows you have already processed or by choosing a different results file (see the set-up process below)

Hiding rows which you have already process is easy – just select the rows you want to hide then right-click and select “Hide rows” as shown in the following screenshot

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

Troubleshooting your PBO Sheet

Your results are missing

First, check to see if your PBO is showing an #REF! error in Cell C2 like the following

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-65.png

If you HOVER (mover the mouse pointer) over the red triangle that comes up in the top right-hand corner, you will often get a helpful message letting you know that there is something in the sheet blocking the expansion of the data – go to the suggested cell and delete the data there and it should fix it.

You select a group of profiles to be opened (see above) but only one link opens

This usually means you have to change a setting in your Chrome web browser.
How to do this is described in the following screenshots

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-10.png

Click the 3-dots shown in the top right of your Chrome browser and then click “Settings” as shown in the screenshot above

Then type “pop-up” into the search bar and click “Site settings” as shown in the following screenshot

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-11.png

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-12.png

Slide the “Allowed” switch to the right and that’s it – you should now be able to open multiple profile links in your PBO!