How to Register

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Typically, you become registered as a new member of the Connect Collaborative with your ‘Connector’ guiding you through the process over a Zoom call.

Once that has happened, it’s important to quickly review the following instructions describing the steps you took (while it is fresh in your mind).

Just going through these steps will make it easy to remember where to go when you are onboarding your first partner!


Go through the registration process with the ‘Connector’ helping onboard you – this is typically done over a Zoom call so they can help guide you through the registration screens.

Usually, the person who introduced you to the CC will also be your ‘Connector’ and will help you through the initial registration and onboarding process.

However, it is wise to review the following steps once you have been through the registration process.

It’s best to allocate about 45 minutes and do it on a Zoom call
That way you can share your screen with your ‘Connector’ who can show you what to do and answer any questions you may have.

Better yet, the onboarding process (usually 4-6 weeks) gives you more opportunity to build a relationship with your ‘Connector’.

Become familiar with these instructions
It’s really quite a simple straight-forward process
However, it’s good to have it all clear in your head before you onboard your first person (though feel free to ask your ‘Connector’ to help you onboard your first couple of people if you don’t feel confident)

Have this page open so that you refer to it during your Zoom call if you need to

Prepare the person you are registering
Do they use the Chrome web browser?
If not, they’ll need to download it
Have the used Zoom before?
Send them a calendar invite with a Zoom link

Assuming you are on a Zoom call, ask the new network builder you are helping to onboard to share their desktop and go into the Chrome web browser and enter

The next step is very important and will save you a lot of heartache!

When you can see they are in their Chrome web browser, using the method described below find out the email address with which they are currently logged into Chrome

Write it down!

Later in the process when they enter their Contact email address (see below),

if their contact email address they enter is different from the email address they have used to log into Chrome


(1) Ask them to put the email address they logged into Chrome with (the one you wrote down) into the Google Email field (see below)

(2) Ask them to always log into Chrome with that email address when accessing their Activity Workbook

Here’s how you can find the email address they are logged into Chrome with

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Now ask your new person to go to the website and go through the following steps with them (these are the steps you have just been through with your ‘Connector’)

A screen similar to the following will be displayed

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After clicking ‘login’, the following will be displayed

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Click ‘Register’

A screen similar to the following will appear:

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The Registration page has a password: .. we don’t want someone new attempting to register before they know anything about the value of what we are doing.

The ‘fixed’ password is .. ccfingers (all lowercase)

Click ‘Enter’

A screen similar to the following will appear.

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Click ‘Select’ and the following screen will be displayed

There are some important notes below this screen – please be sure to read them!

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Notes on the registration screen (shown above)

The fields denoted with an asterisk (*) must be entered. Fields not marked with an asterisk can be filled in later.


This can be anything but we prefer “First Name Last Name”

E-mail Address

This is their usual email address.


This may not be the email address the use to log into Google with
If not they will need to enter their Google email address in the next field

Google E-mail Address

It is important to know what email address they have logged into the Chrome web browser with (that is the Google email address they are using). It’s important to get this right or they won’t be able to access the Fellow Collaborators sheet later on and this will cause frustration you can avoid!

Your Google Email

In many cases, you will have an email address that is different from the one you use to login into your Chrome web browser. For example, you may have a contact email which is something like Whereas, you log into Google (i.e. your Chrome web browser) with an email address that could be different.

Mobile Phone Number

This is requires so that we can send SMS updates about the weekly workshop.

It also allows other collaborators to get in touch with them

Your Local Hub

This is selected from a drop-down selection (e.g Brisbane or Sydney)

Website / Link to further information

This field will often be filled in later.
It may be link to a company website.
However, it may also be a link to a Google doc with information for other collaborators with links to other websites

Relevant Industries

The industries which are relevant for this person can be chosen from a list
When “Other” is chosen, another box will appear and the Collaborator can type a couple of industries in free-form

Relevant Positions

The position titles (such as “Director”) which would be relevant to describe this collaborator

Your Connector

When you are helping a new person to onboard, ask them to enter the contact email address you used when you registered (NOT your Google email address)

Explain that it could take a bit of time to find you. When found, your details will be shown as displayed.

Note: If not found, they may have entered your email address incorrectly (or you may have given them an email address other than the one you used to register)

Card Information

Explain to the person you are onboarding

  • Their card information is not stored anywhere in our system
  • If asked, explain that in the first instance all details on this form are collected by a plugin called PaidmembershipsPro (which has an exceptionally good reputation) and then passed to the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is well known to many in business as being one of the most secure payment gateways. Stripe is fully PCI compliant.
  • Their credit card will not be immediately charged and after that, it is only $85 per month (easily cancelled at any time should they decide to). Initially, this is similar to checking into a hotel which requires entry of your credit card. even though there is no immediate charge.

Terms & Conditions

Remember to get them to tick agreement to the terms and conditions

Mailing List

This box is ticked by default and means they will receive a flyer about upcoming weekly meetings

After selecting “Submit and Checkout”

If there are any errors they will be displayed and you will be given the chance to fix them

If it’s all good, a screen showing their invoice will appear

The Builders Menu

“Builders” will now appear as an option in their menu as shown in the following screenshot

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Ask them to click on the Builders menu & ‘hover’ over “Your Membership”

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These options are self-explanatory.

Explain that when they are getting people it’s good to show them how they can cancel if they need to (see above).