How to find your perfect start-up(s)

Build a network of high-value network-building advocates!

In addition to helping you find the best side hustles, building your team of team-building advocates has more benefits than you may realise!

Build trust by building your personal tribe of high-value partners. 

  • Consistently and proactively build your personal tribe of high-value partners to introduce and bring new high-value partners to the collective table. 
  • It’s then so easy to introduce those you’ve introduced to other high-value partners.  Proactive network-building means you can create significant opportunities for collaboration without expecting immediate personal transactional benefit. 
  • Pursuing a “give-first strategy” results in business transactions of higher quantity, value and quality (especially in the medium to longer term).

Discuss your side-hustle ideas with others you respect. 

  • People who have “been around the block” a few times can give you the benefit of their experience and wisdom. Often, they will make valuable suggestions.
  • It is so important to quickly earn the trust of people you respect.
  • One way of doing this is demonstrating your ability to help them make great connections.

When you promote others you trust, they will often reciprocate.

  • When you eventually launch your own side hustle, there is almost nothing more worthwhile than having many high-value partners advocating for you.
  • If you have built trust by helping your partners, many will reciprocate.

Be clear about what you want to achieve before you ask for help/advice

  • The best place to start is to determine why you want to create a side hustle – what are you hoping to achieve?
  • For example, how important is it that your side hustle can
  • Generate increasing amounts of income with decreasing amounts of time required to earn that income?

You may have some great ideas, but are they what the market seeks?

  • For example, if you launched a website around “side businesses”, would it be as successful as a website about “side hustles”?
  • What would happen if you “pivoted” before you even started based on input from others?
  • That could mean you achieve dramatically greater success before having to learn from your own “hard” experience. 
  • “A smart person learns from their own mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”
  • It’s also been said that “We don’t know what we don’t know” (How true!). 
  • Light-bulb moments can make such a tremendous difference.

What’s it going to take?

There is so much “noise” when you search the net – it can be overwhelming!

  • I’ll build your website. I have the ideal marketing strategy for you. Have I got a deal for you?
  • Whom can you trust?
  • Well, you know you can trust someone who has earned your trust. 
  • Those you trust often earn your trust by helping you without expecting an immediate return. 
  • Often, they want to partner with you rather than see you as their “customer”.
  • They will often give you “hard” advice, knowing it will benefit you and you’ll appreciate them “being straight” with them.
  • Expect to find these people in the tribe you are building.
  • Plan to become the kind of person others can trust.

In Conclusion: consistently engage in network-building (not just networking) with others who share your values so you can

  • Build trust by helping others make their ideal connections.
  • Be the first to give without expecting immediate transactions.