How easy is it to go Core-5 (using the system)?

Following are some of the ways you can find people who (like you) may be interested in investing in building their networks

  • Invite people you have already met
  • Invite people you are already connected with on LinkedIn that you’d like to get to know better
  • Create a filtered list of like-minded candidates on LinkedIn and reach out to those that you select from this list

Even if you only found people by reaching out to people you have not yet met on LinkedIn

Using the system should take only about 200 connection requests sent to a filtered list (good candidates) asking some version of:

If (like me) value stronger connections outside LinkedIn let’s connect with a view to meeting on Zoom or by phone.

Important Note

Effectively you are offering them your precious time – because:

You believe (from their profile) they have the attitude you are looking for and you believe you may be able to help them connect with people you know.

Note that (unlike most people) you are not wanting to connect with them because you think you may be able to sell them something

You are connecting because you think you may be able to help them (not the other way around).

How long would it take to send out 200 connection requests on LinkedIn?

At the rate of 10 per day = 20 working days

At the rate of 5 per day = 40 working days

The details of how to achieve Core-5

Are covered in the Workshop titled: Why Core-5 and When

What if you have your own (different) way of meeting people?

The first thing to consider is – will your way be faster and more predictable?

In other words, which category does your strategy fall into:

Pleasing methods or pleasing results?

And if you are time-poor, what’s the most effective way?

The second (and probably more important thing to consider) is that

Your main objective is to find 5 people who you can teach how to build a team of 5

If you can point to the (documented) systematic way of doing it, it could save you a lot of time trying to teach them your way and give them material to refer to in case ‘life gets in the road ‘ for you!

As we say: It’s not only what works that counts – it’s what duplicates that counts.