How do I ensure I get Results?

Here are some good questions to ask yourself

  • How many opportunities have I created for others in the room?
  • How long have I been doing this?
  • How visible am I?
    • Am I consistently contributing to the “good news” section of the Workshop?
  • Am I inviting people I want to partner with from outside the room so I’m in control?
  • How well do I partner with people (invited by me and already connected in the CC) and show them how them easy it is to deliver for me?
  • How do I get people to the point where they are lying awake in bed at night thinking how can they best deliver for me?
  • How can they help me create the results I am after?


It starts with what you do for others
What if….. you are doing so much for others in the room they have no option but to think about what they can do for you?

Identify Strategic Collaborators

  • What are you looking for in / the traits of a Strategic Collaborator?
  • How do you make it easy for them to promote you?
    • Are YOU a potential Strategic Collaborator for them?
    • Remember you attract who you are!

Your attitude – how determined are you?

Do you have an attitude of

  • HOW Can I?
  • rather than
  • Can I?

Changing your perspective and determination to always be thinking “How Can I” will inevitably put you in control and create the massive success you desire.

A determined an expectant attitude is far more important than most people realise
It’s not just about working harder!

Complaining (Internally of Externally)

About things that are out of your control is
A total waste of time!
Don’t even be tempted!
It’s simply not worth wasting the mental energy!

More good questions

  • Which other collaborators in the room could be good ” Strategic Collaborators” for me?
    • Think about how much more effective it will be to identify and build close relationships with particular others rather than generally expecting everyone in the room to bring things to you (yes that may happen but I don’t want to leave that to chance)
  • What are you doing to train and incentivise (read clip the ticket) your chosen Strategic Collaborators to bring work to you?
    • What opportunities for you have you equipped your Strategic Collaborators to look out for as they build their networks and businesses?
    • How does your process uncover opportunities for them?
  • Are you searching hard enough for your own collaborators through LinkedIn so you are in control of your own destiny?
  • How easy is it for others to promote what you do?
  • Does your “elevator pitch” and the information on the fellow collaborators sheet create an easy “trigger” in collaborators minds (for example, the difference between providing general Business Coaching and providing consulting to a particular industry…..)?
  • Is your business contributing to your “survival” (the urgent) or leveraged income (time and money – Important) or both?
  • Now that you are building a network, could you be doing other things to take better advantage of the network you are building (especially around developing subscription-based recurring income – the important rather than just the urgent)?
  • Do you see any better alternative to network building – especially for long-term results?
  • How worthwhile would it be to decide to get good at network building?
  • Are you working on developing patience?
  • Are you consistently putting fingers to keyboard?
  • Are you working on self-development by listening to lots of audios available through the system?
  • Do you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset? (Click Here for a 2-minute review on the classic book by Carol Dweck)
  • Are you naturally a giver or a taker? (Click Here for an inspiring 13-minute talk by professor Adam Grant on what recent research has shown)
  • Do people like and trust you? Have you earned it!?
  • Have you always believed that having a great idea was more important than developing great relationships?
  • Do you believe you can learn to get good at building relationships and building a trusted network?
  • Are you briefly excited by new things but never get the results you’d really like because you don’t stick with the things you start?
    • Is it time to change that?


Find someone who is an expert at all this and ask for them to mentor you!