NBS – Highlight This

‘Highlight This’ is a free, handy Chrome Extension which enables you to type in a list of keywords highlighted when you visit a webpage.
This is especially handy when you are looking at a Linkedin profile and you want certain words like: ‘Relationship’ to stand out.

Step 1 Install the ‘Highlight This’ extension for your Chrome browser

When you type “Highlight This” into your Google search bar the following will be displayed:

Click on this Google search entry and screen similar to the following will be displayed:


And follow  the instructions.

When you have added it, an icon will appear to the right of the address bar as shown in the following screenshot:

When you click on the icon, the following will be displayed:

The quick and easy way to set it up is simply to select ‘edit’ and the following screen will the be displayed:

Just key a list of words you’d like highlighted – as shown above. You can add to this list at any time.

They will then be highlighted on Linkedin profiles.