Guy's Core-50 Game-Changers

  • It takes only 200 (carefully selected) Connection Requests to find 5 people who will see the value of finding 5 who will do the same
    • So 5 CRs per day will take 40 days to create an unstoppable WAVE
    • Cast the vision: imagine you find 5 in 90 days and suggest they focus for 90 days to find 5 –> the wave moves on!
    • Your 5 (90 days); Their 5 (180 days) –> 30 in your team advocating for one another
    • One more iteration of the wave (270 days since you started) –> 155 in your team advocating for one another
    • How much marketing could that replace?
    • It starts with you doing 5 CR’s per day and looking for 5 people who see the value of building their team using LinkedIn
    • People who will also focus for 90 days
  • When you see the value of using a system to equip others to build their team could you do 5 CRs a day for 90 days to set the example and start the wave?
  • What’s the value of the WAVE approach?
    • You only need to focus for 90 days and then encourage others to do the same – solves the time issue – we can all focus for short periods of time
    • When done with LinkedIn you can have a system which anyone can use to create a duplicatable results (regardless of their current network size)
    • The CC system is designed to make this easy!
  • What’s the value of using LinkedIn to create the WAVE
    • Anyone can do it – regardless of the size of their current network
    • The value of “weak ties” (Mark Granovetter) – most of your referrals will come from weak ties
    • You introduce people and they introduce people that can be of value to others in your community
    • Growth always keeps it fresh. New people –> new possibilities
    • The wave approach only requires everyone to do their bit – focus for 90 days
    • Someone introduced via LinkedIn will often introduce others on LinkedIn (it worked for them). Whereas it may take more time to start someone introduced by an associate to start using LinkedIn.
    • There are a vast and growing number of people on LinkedIn – our tools make it easy to find the right people and connect with them (you don’t need LinkedIn premium)

During the post CC Experience discussion, emphasise the importance of:

  • 5 CRs a day for 90 days to create a duplicating wave

During your early onboarding sessions, start people reaching out in LinkedIn ASAP. In order to do this, you will need to

  • Show them how to add the “although we may not be able to do business directly, it is highly likely…” paragraph at the top of their about section
  • Show them how to do a simple Boolean search such as
    • (others relationship) (networker OR network-builder OR connector)
    • then select all filters and choose locations and industries
  • Show them the 3 parts to a CR message
    • I love xyz from your profile (must be genuine)
    • I know many people – some could be great contacts for you (true because they are in the CC)
    • Let’s connect with a view to meeting face-to-face on Zoom

Continually reinforce the value of staying consistent for 90 days, meeting with you every week, and accepting your help with progressive relationship-building during their 90-day spurt.




As with so many things in life (such as New Years Resolutions & subscribing to a gym membership), people start with great intentions but can easily become distracted by the things that happen to all of us.

Here are some things you can do

(1) You are searching for leaders who will stick with it, achieve Core-5 and expect the people they are onboarding to do the same.
(2) Build depth through the people you onboard – practice progressive relationship-building with the people they onboard. Your leader will appreciate you taking the time to help their new person while they watch. As you build this relationship you have an opportunity to roll the ball forward – always in the quest for a leader who will stick with their 90-day committment.
(3) While you are showing new team members how to use LinkedIn to build their networks, encourage them to think about who they already know who would benefit from building their networks. Select some great people from the list they know and help them set up a Discovery call.
(4) In case your depth-building activity stalls (either temporarily or permanently), keep onboarding new personal team members. This gives you the ability to work elsewhere should you need.

The benefits of you focusing on achieving your own 90-day Core-5 challenge are:

  • You learn what works and can therefore better help your Core-5 challengers
  • Knowing that you are doing it helps your team rise above their excuses and stay focused for the 90-days
  • You can communicate what you are doing and this helps keep fore of mind for those in your group going for it

Following is a good example of great transparent communication from one leader

Hello “90-Day Challengers” (whether you’ve started on your Core-5 challenge or are about to start), I’m just being totally being transparent here on my first week’s journey.

I’ve put together a simple spread sheet for those who want an accountability worksheet – see “Core 5 90-Day Challenge Results – Wk1 DH” attached and below:



This Week’s Results

Previous Week’s Totals

(Copy values from Column D)


Invitations (1st Message)

LI Invitation Messages
(LI Connection Requests)




Acceptances (2nd Message)

LI Thanks for Connecting
(Acceptance Message)




3rd Message

Invited to Meet on Zoom
Sent Zoom Calendar Invitation




Discovery Call

20 – 30 minutes Zoom




Attended CC Experience

Introduction to the CC
(“Workshop Zero”)




Started CC Trial




# OF NEW (Group) Trials




These are my figures for last week, I almost had one discovery call but it was rescheduled to this week…that’s life (Frank Sinatra).

I’ve elected to start at 5 C/R’s per weekday, which meant I could catchup over the weekend because Friday didn’t happen.  I’m also going on leave for 10 days from August 19, and while I plan to keep the momemnutm going, other events may impact on my abilty to actually carry this out.  However at the this rate I only need 8 weeks out the 12 to complete the 200 x C/R’s over 90 days.

I look forward to catching up with you individually in respect to this challenge, however if you’d like to share your activity with the group, please feel welcome to do so.

One more thing, we haven’t figured out what the celebration should be…any ideas?