Excluding people from your ‘To Contact’ list

As you continue to invite people to connect on LinkedIn, there will be people who you may have reached out to previously and don’t want to invite again, or others have and they will recommend you don’t for any number of reasons.

There are some people you may not want to send a connection request on LinkedIn and they fall into 3 categories

  • Those they are on the NBS or have been members in the past
  • Those that have been excluded by others as being rude or otherwise unsuitable
  • Those that you may wish to exclude for personal reasons (such as someone well known to you that you do not want to connect with on LinkedIn)

The system automatically ‘excludes’ current and past subscribers to the NBS.


‘Excluding’ a person does not prevent a profile from appearing in a LinkedIn search. It simply provides a note adjacent to the profile link in your Activity sheet ‘To Connect’ tab saying ‘EXCLUDE’.

To ‘Exclude’ a contact globally, for all collaborators

At the top of the ‘To Exclude’ tab of your Activity sheet (v10 and beyond) you will see to the right, a red cell:

Click this and it will open a Google form (in a separate window) where you can enter the LinkedIn profile URL and details of any person you feel should not be approached and invited to be a part of the Connect Collaborative network.

Enter YOUR email address, the URL of the person’s LinkedIn profile page and a detailed reason why you think this person doesn’t (or wouldn’t) align with the values and culture of the Connect Collaborative.


‘I don’t like them’ or ‘They didn’t want to meet me/ attend a hub/ zoom’ is not a reason to exclude a person globally. Many people will not relate to you or their timing may not be right to meet, so remember to allow them to be contacted by other collaborators unless they specifically ask not to be.

Excluding someone from your own ‘To Connect’ list

As you perform more and more Boolean searches and copy the Phantombuster ‘csv’ file into your activity sheet, you will find duplicate connections that will reappear in the file. To save yourself time revisiting profiles you have either invited or chosen not to invite previously, after each new search (or when you go through the list you have) simply copy the column the entire column C containing the LinkedIn URLs from the ‘To Connect’ tab,

Paste this column of URLs into column A of your ‘To Exclude’ tab., making sure that if you already have URL profiles in the list, simply paste it below or above the list already there.

If you want to exclude someone from your personal list but don’t believe they should be excluded globally, simply go to that person’s profile, copy its URL and paste it into column A. Then add any notes as required.


Do not delete your list of profiles already in the ‘To Exclude’ list. Simply cut and paste above or below in Column A.