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Side Venture Panel Discussion and Guest Speaker
Dr Leanne Elich “Whose Life Is This”

March 20 @ 5:55 pm 7:30 pm Australia/Sydney

Flourishing as a Professional…and a human!

Whose Life is This?- Side Ventures Series for Professionals Seeking Freedom

Dr. Leanne Elich is a distinguished figure in the realm of Sales Psychology and Business Strategy, renowned for her role as the Founder and CEO of Leanne Elich Consulting. Initially trained in medicine, she embarked on a career in Radiation Oncology following her graduation from the University of Sydney. However, her professional trajectory shifted towards commercial medicine and business development, amassing over 25 years of expertise in technical sales, business operations, advocacy, and stakeholder relationships with globally recognized companies. Driven by a profound passion for psychology and neuroscience, she furthered her knowledge through studies in consumer psychology, behavioural science, behavioural economics, and neuropsychology in business. Armed with a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology and alumni status from both Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Elich has become a highly sought-after expert, speaker, and author, adept at bridging the gap between science and business.

In 2018, Dr. Elich established Leanne Elich Consulting, a consulting and advisory firm specializing in ethical, human-centered sales strategies, business systems, processes, and practices. The firm’s mission is to empower exceptional businesses by integrating the rich intersection of neuroscience and behavioral science into their operations. Dr. Elich’s extensive expertise encompasses bespoke consulting, business, and executive coaching services across sales, marketing, leadership, and strategic management. Beyond her consultancy role, she actively contributes to media outlets such as ABC radio and the Sydney Morning Herald. Additionally, she serves as an Honorary Clinical Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, an international keynote speaker, and a Women in Leadership advisor, solidifying her influence and impact across diverse domains.

Your Side Venture

Do you have an idea for a Side Hustle?

  • Discuss your ideas with others in the CC who have gone before you.
  • You may be excited about your idea – but will your market be as excited as you?
  • If the market isn’t ready, can you pivot?
  • Do you have a team of people that can work with?

Why Not Travel

For most, travel represents an opportunity to

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– Escape the daily grind

– Refresh and plan the future

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Tech Services Hub

Your Technology Stack

– Website Development

– Digital Marketing

– Productivity Hub: CRM, Social Media Engagement, Project Management

What If?

– You used and became excited about an inexpensive, powerful, integrated set of tools – as part of your network-building activities.

– You learned how to ask the right questions and refer relevant others to a Tech Services supplier you trust.

– You received a very substantial long-term sticky recurring income simply for making referrals that onboard.

In other words

– You don’t sell.

– You don’t supply.

– You do enjoy recurring income with virtually no recurring effort.

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