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Self-Worth transformation ROOM with Endre Hoffmann, the Doctor of Self-Worth

December 29 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm AEST

The Self-Worth Transformation Room

Have you experienced self-doubt or a lack of self-esteem to build your network or your business? When it comes to reaching out to people on linked in or via CC, does it feel uncomfortable? Are you not following through with the training program? Are you not taking actions on your business plans? You are not sure why? Let us find it out.

Have you felt not good enough, not smart enough, inferior, not respected or not heard recently? Can’t afford it, I haven’t got enough time, do these sound familiar? Living your life out of these patterns costs you a lot, you are repeating the old results.

Have you been triggered lately? Yes, that is precisely that event when your emotions were all around and you could not be present and think straight. It is a disempowering state and you know well that it can happen any time again if there is another trigger. What would happen if you felt powerful, centered and focused instead? Often you could find that later you exactly know what you should have done or said, but it is too late, is it not? Your head was not clear, you have become too emotional.

You may be focusing on your next-level business breakout yet there is a voice in your head that whispers “you don’t deserve it”, “you are not a winner”, “you are unworthy”, “you are unlucky: or “who I am to get that result?”. I had all of them.

I believe that mindset is more important than having the right strategy. I will help you to have an empowering mindset to apply and follow through on the amazing strategies. I trust that you have the outstanding experts at CC on a silver plate to choose from.


Most people are not aware of how they self-sabotaging themselves. Could you be one of them? I want to change that and bring back self-awareness, which is the initial and biggest step towards personal transformations. Besides I love doing this work. I remember the time when I was before my transformation. I lost a decade before I found a way to release limitations myself. It has become my life’s mission to somehow overcome them. By the time I resolved them, I have invested in researching and learning about them so much time and money that I have become a specialist at resolving them for anyone else who is committed to the process. The only difference is that I save you my 15-20 years of struggle, I tend to find lifetime limiting patterns. I am looking to use some of the breakthroughs as demonstration material to showcase how rapid internal mindset change happens. I believe this type of rapid transformation is the new essential for thriving organizations in future. I want this event to be a life-changing experience for you if you attend.

I record the sessions so the CC community can see how fast releasing limiting beliefs or negative emotions can take place.


I will demonstrate how your mindset or how your relationship with yourself shifts. It will feel different in your skin after I work with you. For the rest of the group in case they have similar challenges they will experience partial breakthroughs and new realizations about themselves. The internal change will inevitably change your results at times a bit later & frequently in multiple areas of your life. If there are too many participants I will probably use one of my little aids to pull one name from a hat to start transformation work with, I choose the most committed person or I do group work. Get ready when it comes to an ordeal to work with me. I will respect you, not your stories and limiting beliefs.


I am known as the Doctor of Self-Worth, obsessed with rapid change. My passion is to help people to heal & break through their limitations to find new results in business and life. I can make friends with your subconscious mind even if you have not been able to do that for a long time. Most people never recognize that their life and results are run by their subconscious programming taken on board in early life. I find that 95% of their life is unconscious repetition until there is a crisis or a serious wake-up call. At times they have enough, and they are finally able to seek & accept the support that can lead to a rapid breakthrough.


You will need a pen, paper and zero distractions to get the most value out of this workshop.


If you experience self-doubt, and lack of self-esteem build your network or running your business. When it comes to reaching out to people on linked in or via CC you may feel uncomfortable or triggered.

You may feel held back by circumstances, people, clients, or colleagues or there is a voice in your head that keeps telling you you cannot have what you want and it is not going away.

Perhaps you are not getting the raving reviews that you think you deserve, because your clients seem to sabotage implementing your cutting-edge strategy. What if it is to do with you?


If you find value, I welcome to have your reviews and recommendations. My clients start to live their life from their authentic self-worth, and finally reconnected with their true selves. I cannot think of anything more exciting than give you your authentic self, that is why I am doing this work.

I intend to leave extra time for Q&A at the end. The nature of my work requires going through certain internal processes. Finishing on time is not my priority, getting results is. I respect your time and it is okay to leave when our allocated time is up.

Here are some recent short reviews:
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Christine Sharkey from frustration to emotional freedom
Aveline Clark from feeling rejected, and fear of failure to rapid self-empowerment and authentic self-worth
Aliz Hollosi from struggling with having a voice & social anxiety toward speaking confident
Mel from anxiety and fear of being alone towards self-empowerment, new leadership role, delivering early on sales targets & sleeping well.