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Professional Growth
with Shoshana Blagin

July 24 @ 6:55 pm 8:30 pm Sydney

In our Professional Growth workshop this week, we’ll hear from Clinical Psychologist Dr Shoshana Blagin speaking about the Burn Out factor for entrepreneurs and startup adventurers

Zoom in using the following link:

Clinical Psychologist

Shoshana, a clinical psychologist with 15 years of experience, specializes in helping business professionals and entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to success. Her expertise lies in utilizing psychological processes, including Core Transformation, to facilitate profound and lasting change. Dr. Blagin’s approach focuses on creating a safe environment for growth, providing practical tools for transformation, and ensuring enduring results.

In her presentation on “Burn Out,” Dr. Blagin will emphasize the critical role of human connection in business success. She believes that connection forms the core of human existence and serves as our most crucial asset for survival and achievement. Dr. Blagin will explore how entrepreneurs can harness the power of connection by building trusted networks, tapping into our innate ability to form meaningful relationships, and leveraging collective strengths for mutual benefit and growth.

Drawing from her extensive experience and passion for aiding aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, Dr. Blagin will share insights on how startup founders can work less while achieving more. She will discuss strategies for overcoming burnout, unlocking new possibilities, and realizing one’s fullest potential. Attendees can expect to gain practical tools and techniques to enhance both their personal and professional lives, ultimately leading to greater success in their startup ventures.