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Professional Growth
with Shoma Mittra & Johan Götze

January 16 @ 5:55 am 7:30 am Australia/Sydney

The Power of the Press – Getting Your Business Media Ready in 2024


Book Coach

Want to know how to bring media attention to yourself and your business and generate 10x more revenue than you are doing now, without spending a cent?

The Power of the Press” is The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Business Beyond Limits!

  • Shoma runs Masterclasses that help you navigate the media and use it to your benefit to generate clients on demand.
  • Exposure through news articles, interviews, or features can introduce your brand to a larger demographic,  and help you reach new customers and markets.
  • Media coverage adds a layer of credibility to your business. When people see your brand featured in reputable outlets, it builds trust.
  • When your business gets the spotlight in the media, clients won’t just knock; they’ll be banging on your doors, eager to work with you!

With a background in language and literature, Shoma Mittra began her career as a copywriter in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire in Asia with the Star TV network in the late 90’s.

Shoma is now an author coach and editor with her own publishing company which has helped write and publish over 215 books in the past 4 years.

In her own words, Shoma says “I am and always will be your pen for hire”.

In our Professional Growth Workshop this week we’ll be hearing from Johan Götze who will focus on Gamification

Business Strategist

Johan is a serial innovator who assists leadership teams of businesses with their digital innovation journey. Johan’s pragmatic approach and insight into business challenges allow him to assist business leaders in getting their own best ideas on how they should innovate their businesses and industries using digital solutions. Johan has a specific focus on Machine learning as a technology that brings endless new insights and opportunities to his clients.

You’ll learn what both of these terms (AI and ML) mean in detail and the differences between them. Johan will discuss the potential threats and risks that these technologies pose and also the opportunities and potential benefits of AI and ML with examples of the positive outcomes.

Zoom in using the following link: