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Professional Growth
with Michael Gladkoff & Lucia Dore

12/12/2023 @ 5:55 am 7:30 am Australia/Sydney

In our Professional Growth Workshop this week we’ll be hearing from Michael Gladkoff, a seasoned copywriter and content strategist, renowned for his innovative approach to crafting persuasive brand messages.

Director of Word Nerds

Adventures in SEO

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If you build a website and no one finds it, does it help your business?

In his presentation, Michael will present a few success stories of increasing website visitors by creating engaging and informative content. As a copywriter and content writer, Michael has been growing his website visitors since 2005. He started using Google AdWords and wanted to increase organic (unpaid) website visits. Over the years, Michael hired three SEO companies to increase his site visitors and received poor results. As a result, he taught himself the fundamentals of creating website content to increase website visits and sales.

In his presentation, he will show how he applies this knowledge to increase keyword rankings and website visitors for his clients.

And Lucia Dore‘s presentation will be based on her best-selling book, “SeniorITy: how AI and Tech Can Enhance Senior Living”

Founder – Lucia Dore Consultancy

In this presentation, Lucia Dore, a financial journalist/editor, will talk about how seniors cope with technology. The talk will be based on her best-selling book, “SeniorITy: how AI and Tech Can Enhance Senior Living”, in which she discusses the numerous challenges that seniors (defined as people over 65) face when dealing with technology, from banking to healthcare.

Contrary, to popular opinion, and to the views of most seniors, artificial intelligence (AI) and technology can enhance their way of life. What I learnt from undertaking research for the book is that if seniors are taught well and can understand the benefits, the latest technological developments can enhance their lives in nearly every respect.

The talk, like the book, will discuss the challenges that seniors face and how they can be overcome.

Throughout her years as a financial journalist/editor she has lived in various parts of the world. She lived in the UK for 18.5 years, where she was both employed full-time for several media outlets, as well as working on a freelance basis. After working in the UK, she lived and worked in the Middle East, first as a senior correspondent on a national newspaper based in Dubai and then as head of a newswire service for the Middle East and North Africa, also based in Dubai. She now has a media company called LCD Media, which aims to build up its subscriber base, and she has developed an information/media platform for which investment, or a partnership, is sought.

When she came back to New Zealand, she made a documentary on refugees (before there was a problem) and it has been seen around the world. It is entitled; “Stepping up: NZ”s response to the refugee crisis”. Consequently, she judges films for the South Pacific Film Festival.

After teaching English in Vietnam, she also decided there was a need for an online Business English course. ( This is suitable for individuals, corporates, and teachers.  

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