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Professional Growth
with Steven Anthony and Geoff Hetherington

June 12 @ 6:55 pm 8:30 pm Australia/Sydney

In our Professional Growth workshop this week we’ll be hearing from Steven Anthony and Geoff Hetherington

FinTech Founder / The Clarity CEO

Steven is the founder of PayLion, a new payment processing platform aiming to transform the direct debit experience for customers and businesses. Unlike traditional direct debit providers, PayLion offers several unique advantages that address common pain points associated with this payment method.

For customers, PayLion provides greater control and transparency over their payments and personal information. It notifies customers ahead of time about pending debits, allowing them to ensure sufficient funds are available. Additionally, PayLion enables customers to update their debit, credit card, and bank account details in a single location, eliminating the need to inform multiple merchants. Crucially, PayLion encrypts customers’ financial and personal information, ensuring their data remains secure even in the event of a merchant’s system being compromised.

For merchants, PayLion reduces operating costs, improves cash flow, and offers reputational protection. By notifying customers about upcoming payments, PayLion minimizes the time and resources spent chasing bounced payments due to outdated customer details or insufficient funds. Moreover, PayLion’s customer-friendly approach encourages more clients to adopt direct debit, boosting merchant revenue. PayLion also provides access to competitive transaction rates and ensures merchants never store or have access to customers’ sensitive information, mitigating the risk of data breaches and reputational damage.

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