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Professional Growth
with Debbie Small, Alexey Dubrovin and Dean Hobin

February 20 @ 5:55 am 7:30 am Australia/Sydney

In our Professional Growth Workshop this week we’ll be hearing from Debbie Small

Business Strategist

The 10 Pillar Business Foundation Roadmap will help you start or grow your business with solid business foundations.

Debbie Small is a business strategist, relationship builder, best-selling author, global speaker, collaborator, futurist and global superconnector who connects business owners with high-calibre business experts. Debbie helps you build a better business with more focus and less overwhelm whilst also seeing opportunities for growth.

As the Founder of the ‘The Global Hub For Connections & Collaborations’, Debbie works with business owners who are passionate about making this world a better place and building their businesses with solid business foundations. Empowerment Point’s Hub is a global powerhouse of entrepreneurial talent allowing members to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, each an expert in what they do with heart and soul who really care about their clients and are focused on finding solutions.

In Debbie’s own words: “To me a business is like a house, with solid foundations you have choice, the choice to stay as you are, to scale or to sell. Without solid foundations, you don’t have this choice, not with your house and not with your business. Empowerment Point helps give business owners back their freedom of choice with strategy.”

“My passion is seeing business owners love what they do, thrive in their business and love their life.”

And we’ll also be hearing from Alexey Dubrovin, founder of My Safety Circle (MSC), regarding the launch of an industrial MSC version titled “Risk Alert

Alongside Dean Hobin (BDM) and Maurizio Ognibene, a Security & Risk Intelligence specialist, they have collectively crafted an app that revolutionizes personal safety. My Safety Circle is designed to ensure the protection of individuals in any situation, providing multiple options to connect to help and assistance, delivering real-time alerts about relevant events, and empowering users to take control in unsafe scenarios.

This innovative Android and iOS app offers a range of features, including dispatching recommendations from security professionals, saving your movements and notes securely in the cloud, and deploying a Data Capsule to your trusted Safety Circle in times of distress. With a focus on awareness education, the app encourages users to actively assess their environment, initiate conversations with their safety circle, and make informed decisions in critical scenarios. My Safety Circle operates with a commitment to values such as care, prevention, safety, and privacy, respecting users’ choices and empowering connected communication circles.

Through captivating scenarios involving travellers, teenagers, and investigative reporters, the presentation will showcase the versatility and relevance of My Safety Circle in diverse situations. The app’s various modes, including Risk Alert, SOS, and Safe Trip, cater to different needs and preferences. With a strong emphasis on privacy and user control, My Safety Circle aligns with the values of empowerment, awareness, and prevention, making it an essential tool for individuals, families, and professionals alike.

Zoom in using the following link: