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Professional Growth
with Charles Frassetto & Steven Anthony

December 13 @ 7:00 am 8:30 am AEST

Our format for this week’s Professional Growth will be two Growth Accelerator workshops.

In our Growth Accelerator this week we’ll be hearing from Charles Frassetto

Outsourced Sales & Customer Service

Charles will share tips and techniques when it comes to handling the initial “no’s” in business by connecting ideas and businesses with solutions that deliver consistent revenue streams on average of 33% on “present live opportunities” per pilot basis. 

  • Optimising business operations, with the re-positioning of outreach tools and resources, the redesigning of the outbound approach and systems used giving organisations more time and access to freshly renovated pipelines unlocking the opportunity to scale and grow their business financially.
  • Automating and leveraging the entire sales process.
  • Charles removes the burden of managing teams internally, by eliminating time, energy, efforts and costs to advertise, interview, recruit and onboard all professionals required to ensure the success every sales team requires.

Businesses today can now reflect and really understand that getting back to basics “in a robust fashion” and establishing a richer emotional connection with key prospects by having a detailed robust sales approach is really non-negotiable, especially for service-based businesses seeking an exponential growth model.

Data and feedback from both our existing clients and non-clients averaging a minimum of $1 – $10+ million a year in turnover all understand the importance of having an offline outbound sales process in place.

In our second Growth Accelerator workshop this week we’ll be hearing from Steven Anthony

FinTech Founder

Steven has a startup and is focused on making the process of recurring payments better for merchants and customers.

  • Working on a startup has given me a much broader viewpoint, and a much deeper appreciation of how important trusted connections and collaboration are.
  • If you are part of a business or know of a company sending out recurring bills, and want to save time and money chasing up late payments, then this presentation will be of interest to you.
  • Steven is a great contributor projecting great energy to help others in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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