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Guest Speaker Lenorë Lambert “Whose Life Is This”

as well as a Side Venture Panel Discussion

June 25 @ 6:55 am 8:30 am Australia/Sydney

Zoom in using the following link:

Flourishing as a Professional…and a human!

Whose Life is This?- Side Ventures Series for Professionals Seeking Freedom

Lenorë Lambert is an entrepreneur, psychologist, author, coach, secular Buddhist teacher, and elite Masters track and field athlete.

A past President of Sydney Insight Meditators, she’s been practising the Buddha’s teachings for over 20 years – an approach to life that infuses her work, home and sporting life. Learning, growing and relishing life are her incurable passions along with running flat out at stationary objects (hurdles are her favourite track event).

Having inhabited the corporate world for the first decade of her career, Lenorë left and created businesses in leadership development and then outsourced HR services (Exit Interviews, Stay Interviews, On-boarding Interviews & Diversity Interviews).

Her most recent creation is Flourish Personal Growth which offers online tools, programs and community to flourish in life through personal growth. With depression, anxiety and suicide rates on the rise in the developed world, her mission is to make the Nine Elements of Human Flourishing common knowledge and make provide the guidance and support to achieve it.

Lenorë is a multiple times World Champion track and field athlete who holds Australian Records in hurdles and high jump and loves coaching others to enjoy and achieve in hurdles and sprints.

Your Side Venture

Do you have an idea for a Side Venture?

  • Discuss your ideas with others in the CC who have gone before you.
  • You may be excited about your idea – but will your market be as excited as you?
  • If the market isn’t ready, can you pivot?
  • Do you have a team of people that can work with?

Why Not Travel

For most, travel represents an opportunity to

– Create memories, build relationships and share experiences – especially with family members.

– Escape the daily grind

– Refresh and plan the future

Learn about a unique subscription-based travel platform that

(1) Enables members to access incredible discounts and special deals on travel to a wide variety of destinations

(2) Enables members to develop a growing recurring income

Tech Services Hub

Your Technology Stack

– Website Development

– Digital Marketing

– Productivity Hub: CRM, Social Media Engagement, Project Management

What If?

– You used and became excited about an inexpensive, powerful, integrated set of tools – as part of your network-building activities.

– You learned how to ask the right questions and refer relevant others to a Tech Services supplier you trust.

– You received a very substantial long-term sticky recurring income simply for making referrals that onboard.

In other words

– You don’t sell.

– You don’t supply.

– You do enjoy recurring income with virtually no recurring effort.