Download a new Collaborators+ Workbook

Your Collaborators+ Workbook is a copy of a Google Workbook template that the CC has set up.

It provides many individual “sheets” and a lot of functionality that you’ll learn about in future lessons.

For the moment, let’s just focus on downloading an Activity Workbook for future use.

Ideally, you are walking through this process with someone you have just registered using Zoom (or similar), and they have shared their screen with you to see what they are doing.


Ensure your new builder is using the Chrome web browser

Ask them to select the following option from the Builders menu:

The system should then display the following:

Ask your new builder to click “Make a copy”.

After clicking this link, the system will download a blank Collaborators+ Sheet from a central template.

After your new builder has downloaded their Activity sheet, ask them to bookmark their Collaborators+ Workbook for later use.

If your new builder is an accomplished Google Drive user, they can probably find this spreadsheet on their Google Drive.

However, it’s usually safer to ask them to bookmark the link (click star at the right of the address bar) as shown in the following screenshot:

Bookmarking is easy!

Click Here for a good video explaining Chrome bookmarks if you are unsure or want to learn how to organise bookmarks.

Ask them to share a link to their new Collaborators+ workbook with you by clicking the Share button as shown below:

Note: Make sure you spell your email address carefully so they enter it correctly

Goggle will then email you a link to their new Collaborators+ sheet.

Then ask them to change just the following part of the Workbook name to their First and Last Name (don’t overwrite the last part with First / Last name as we want to be able to see the version):

Tip: When the link to your new builder’s Activity sheet arrives in your inbox, update the entry you have for this person in your “Potential Partnerships” spreadsheet by hyperlinking their name to their Fellow Collaborators sheet – as shown in the following screenshot:

Now you can easily access their Collaborators+ sheet by clicking on their first name.