Why is the onboarding process so powerful?

The purpose of onboarding others is not merely to educate them “how to” build their networks.

Perhaps even more importantly, it allows you to develop your relationship with them.

Ideally, you are looking for 5 great partners who will also find 5 great partners.

You will invest a good deal of time in your 5 ideal partners.

However, the reward will come when they onboard 5 ideal partners and duplicate what you did with them.

When you find your 5 ideal partners, you have discovered 5 people who want to build and lead a team of others.

The main message here is: be willing to invest time in those that you wanter partner with.

Two of the best ways of investing your time with your network building partners are:

  • Via your weekly onboarding sessions
  • Via facilitated advocacy to others in your team and carefully selected others in the CC