Help your new member onboard the first few people in their team

When your new team member is ready to onboard their first team member, you mustn’t just leave it to them. They won’t remember or be confident about how to do it.

The best way is for you to do it with them during a three-way Zoom session.

They can watch what you do and take notes to be more confident to onboard others on their own.

How far do you take this?

How deep should you go?

In essence, you are engaging in a leadership search and development process. First, you are looking for leaders who will grow their own teams. Second, you are looking for team members who appreciate your help and will advocate for you. Finally, you are looking for team members who want to take leadership (leadership is taken, not given).

So, the answer to the question “how deep should you go?” depends on who you are interacting with and your degree of confidence in their leadership abilities. It’s wise to help several leaders in depth get results. This will create exponential growth in your team.

This can take time. However, in the end, you are investing your time to multiply your time.

Once you have found some leaders, they will be off and running (with or without you).

It is important to figure out where you should be working in your team. This is where working with your connector or another coach in the CC who has already walked this road can be very helpful.

In general, initially, it is wise to search for and onboard many new team members that you have personally contacted.

This gives you many options as to who to work with to help build a team.

It also gives your new team members time to absorb the CC environment and decide their level of commitment to network-building.

You want to be working with the willing – those ready to put some time into consistently building a team.

Over time, you can decide with whom it is wise to invest more of your time.