The secret to great opportunities?

How do you feel about reaching out to people you haven’t yet met?

Most people reach out to others because they believe there is a good chance of doing business with them or them buying what they have to sell.

However, when you do it well, there is little chance that the person you are reaching out to will misinterpret your intentions.

The reason for this is that you are in fact reaching out to them without any agenda.

Your goal is to earn their trust and build a relationship with them if they are like-minded. As such they stand to gain substantially by you introducing them to others and as trust develops, advocating for them to others.

You are looking for people who see the value of building their networks, are willing to invest time so doing and with who you could partner for mutual benefit.

Why is there little chance others will mistake your intentions?

Firstly we recommend you personalise your Connection Request based on what they say on their LinkedIn profile and only send connection requests to those who indicate they are proactively interested in building their networks.

Secondly, you can suggest they connect with the intention of meeting by phone or by Zoom.

This says that you value their profile enough to suggest you both just press the “Connect” button with little chance of anything else happening (why bother).

If they are not interested in connecting beyond LinkedIn, they have the option of not connecting with you at all.

It’s clear you are not spamming them when you make an offer to spend your time having a call with them rather than sending them automatic communications about your product or service.

Finally, you can state your intention to help others on your profile and also in your thanks for connecting message.

What is the value in reaching out to others you don’t know yet?

In the end, when you consistently reach out to carefully selected candidates, you are bound to find some great partners who are see the value of and are excited about proactively building a team of team-team building advocates.

This allows you to build a great team of people through which an increasing number of great opportunities can arise.

This is so well explained in the following video by Tanya Menon entitled

“The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet”

Tanya Menon speaks, writes and consults on collaboration. Her research focuses on how people think about their relationships and the habits that allow them to build positive connections with other people.

If so, it’s really good to view videos like the above and talk it over with your coach.

Usual Thinking for most of us

Most of us believe that if we have been “cold contacted” it’s because the person who is attempting to contact us wants to sell us something, or wants something from us. You are no different and it’s why most people are wary of ‘the catch’!

Is the Value .. the transaction,
or the Connection?

What a refreshing paradigm – Why Not?

But why would a stranger want to do this?
What’s in it for them?

Simply because they realise the value of developing a strong relationship with someone who has connections to many other great people!

Most of all, we don’t want to be the annoying person who is doing the cold contacting – right?

What if, instead, a stranger wants to meet you purely with the intention of building a mutually beneficial relationship?

And the main goal of this person (that you have only met digitally) is to introduce you to selected others who may be ideal contacts for you?

How do you find great candidates on LinkedIn?

Sometimes you will discover great people on LinkedIn simply by interacting on your LinkedIn feed. For example, you may find great people by reading their posts and then commenting on them.

The other thing you can do which may be more effective and efficient is to search for specific attributes on LinkedIn profiles using the Boolean terms AND OR NOT.

You can then capture the results of this search and then further examine the list to see who you want to send a connection request.

You can then consistently send such people a connection request.

Predictably this process will find you a few great team-building partners in a relatively short time. The beauty of this approach is that others can easily duplicate it so that your team can rapidly grow.

This means you can create momentum and excitement and results through advocacy.

This predictable process is discussed in detail in the next lesson.