What is a Discovery Call?

What’s your Objective?

Ultimately, you are looking to onboard a few great network-building partners into your team.
That is people who see the value of building their team and advocating for others.

If you imagine you are starting a new business – say an accounting practice.

Would you be looking for partners that you believe are at least as committed and effective as you are?
Or would you be happy to invest a lot of time helping your partner develop to your level of commitment and expertise?

Obviously, you are looking for great team-building partners who will also look to rapidly develop their teams.

It’s important to understand that you only need a few.

You are not looking to onboard everyone – just the people who are excited about what we offer and who you are excited about being part of your team.

You are NOT looking for customers.
You ARE looking for partners.

5 great partners who find 5 great partners means you have a rapidly and exponentially growing network.

What’s the purpose of your Discovery Zoom Call?

The purpose of your Discovery Zoom call is to determine if you want to offer your candidate the opportunity to attend a CC Introductory Zoom (the next step).

In some cases, after asking some questions you may decide to end the call without having invited the person to an Introductory Zoom.

  • Do you have a good feeling about them?
  • Have they indicated that they see the value of building their network?
  • Do you think they are “givers” by nature?
  • Are they a good fit for the CC culture?
  • Do you like them enough to give them the benefit of the doubt?

Note: You can easily end the call with words such as:

“It’s been great chatting, if anything comes up I’ll give you a call”.

If you decide you want to invite them to a CC Intro Session, it is important that

  • You know how to use the CC booking system to book your guest in for a CC Experience