Reach out to selected others that have already connected with you on LinkedIn

Reach out to potential great quality network building partners who have already connected with you on LinkedIn

You may already have quite a number of connections on LinkedIn that you really have not yet had a chance to build a relationship with.

Some of these, may have profiles that suggest they are keen to build relationship-based networks.

The quickest way to identify a list that you can further examine would be to do a “Boolean Search” of your first-level connections (these technical steps are further discussed in subsequent lessons).

What would your message say?

Fortunately, you are already connected with these candidates so LinkedIn does not limit you to just the 300 characters they allow you for a first time connection request.

However, it doesn’t have to be a long message.

It could be something as simple as:

“Hi Mary,

We’ve been connected for a while on LinkedIn and I recently re-read your profile and love your attitude to xyz.

So much so that I thought it would be great for us to have a quick Zoom call for us to get to know each other better. Especially as I have some contacts that I think could be of benefit to you.

If so, to save juggling diaries, choose a time that works for you using the following link

Look forward to getting to know you beyond a mere LinkedIn connections and seeing how I may be able to best help



Note: the above ‘following link’ refers to your Calendly (or similar) booking system. Having a tool like Calendly can save you so much time and stress! It’s not essential but it makes it easy to align calendars.

Note: You could just send your Calendly link in a separate message on LinkedIn (following the above)

How do you feel about reaching out like this?

The main point here is that you are potentially doing them a favour.

You are not looking for anything from them immediately.

You are looking to build trusted relationships with like-minded others who may in due course join you as a partner in building their network.

You have the connections and if all goes well, ultimately you can introduce them to many other relevant high quality contacts that could be very valuable to them.

You are just out to have a quick chat with them on Zoom and see if it is worth proceeding further.

Are you nervous about how your Zoom call with them will go?

There is no need to be for the following reasons

  • You do not have to “sell” or even mention the CC if you feel they are not people you’d like to get to know better or they are not “on the same page”. It’s very easy to end the conversation after a pleasant discussion without going any further
  • Always remember that you are potentially doing them a huge favour – because you have the connections!
  • We have so many great workshops and resources on getting better with these calls, you soon feel more confident
  • Your connector is usually very willing to role play and talk you through potential conversations (or go through some post mortems!)
  • There are plenty more “fish in the ocean” you are only looking for a few great partners
  • If you are generally unconfident with strangers, here is a great opportunity to get better.

Make a start and refine it as you go

Don’t procrastinate, just give it a go.

You have a list of people that have connected with you, look for some good ones and send them a message – you may be amazed at what comes from it.