What’s the value of building your own network v’s just meeting others who are already part of the CC?

The Connect Collaborative exists to help people build (and activate) their own networks and to achieve exceptional tangible commercial outcomes.

By building your own network we mean proactively finding people who are not yet part of the connect collaborative who see the value of building their networks using the Connect Collaborative system.

As you build your own network in this way, you build great know like and trust relationships with these people (especially through the initial onboarding and subsequent help sessions). Through these people, you also get to know the people they onboard.

You also have the ability to introduce (and potentially advocate for) those people (once trust has been established) to others in the CC who are building their networks.

The Connect Collaborative grows and thrives for the benefit of all because everyone contributes by (1) Building their networks using the CC system and culture (2) Advocating for and to those they have come to know like and trust within and through the CC.

It’s OK to come to be part of the CC and just meet the others in the CC

However, that is unlikely to produce the results you really desire from being part of the CC

If you are passionate about achieving results and believe that building your network is the best way to achieve those results then it makes sense to set a small goal (Core-5) and encourage others in your group to do the same.

Just imagine if you achieved Core-5 and 5 others in your group also went Core-5.

What if those 25 also did Core-5?

That’s huge exponentially growing advocacy for you – right?

Wouldn’t that solve most of your problems?