What do you have to offer others?

What if you don’t have a business yet?

When you are reaching out to others do you feel you don’t have anything to offer because you don’t yet own your own business? Maybe you a still an employee?

However, have you considered that this is the very reason others will feel comfortable in connecting with you – they know you are not going to try and sell them something – because you have no agenda!

So what do you have to offer?

You are part of a large expanding network and better yet you are proactively building your own network.

This means that (once you get to Know Like & Trust) someone you are reaching out to, you can help them to achieve the results they are seeking by advocating for them to others in your network.

You can even help others that you consider have far more influence than you currently have!

Why would you help others when there is no immediate benefit for you?

In general people do business with people they know like and TRUST

It’s all about building trust.

It is so easy to build trust when you become a good connector and advocater

When you help others first, they will usually feel that they want to return the favour – and often they will return a much larger favour than the one you first did for them!

We call this: Return on Generosity!