Consistent habits are the biggest key to achieving most goals (including Core-5 and beyond)

It’s about forming small daily habits

Be determined to stick with building one of your most valuable assets – your network of Know Like and Trust relationships.

Anything worthwhile is going to require consistent effort.

The Good News?

  • You can reach out online at times that work for you (will call it FTK – Fingers to Keyboard)
    • Results come from consistent FTK – lead your team by setting the personal example
  • There are many tools and ideas that will help you become more effective and efficient
  • You decide how much time you are going to invest
  • You only need a few great people and when you decide to get good at it, it doesn’t take long to find them
  • You can find other leaders who will
    • Be self-starters
    • Build large teams
    • Always include you – especially when advocating