First let’s take a deeper look at WHY TO (go Core-5)

Before we dive into the actual process of “How To”

It’s really important that you get a good orientation of what’s on offer and make a decision that it’s worth making the effort.

That said, you don’t need to labour the process – you can read through all the initial steps quite quickly taking not of the the things you may need to look at more closely at a later time.

In the course titled: “What’s the process” you will discover many tools, how-to topics, recommended process, automation, ways to become more effective and efficient and so on.

However, before launching into the detail, it is important to “get your head around” the whole process and especially how you can benefit others and how that will result in others advocating for and helping you.

Those who build the largest teams of network building advocates attract the greatest tangible results

When you want to achieve results, you are usually most excited when you “get on the radar” of others who are influential decision makers.

If they Know Like & Trust you and they like your ideas, they will enthusiastically advocate for you to influential people they know.

When you become such a person of influence (many others know like & trust you) many people will help you achieve the results you are seeking.

Achieving tangible results is one the main reason you would want to build your own network rather than merely meet the people in the networks that others have built.

Leaders value a strong connection with other Leaders

When you put in the effort to build a team of team building advocates

  • Others know your influence is continually growing and you will be able to help them make the right connections
  • Others know you are developing your skills (especially leadership skills) and know you will be a valuable ally
  • Others know you are a contributor – you are not “turning up to the Pot Luck with just a fork”

Your indirect results grow exponentially

As you build your team and help those team members connect with others (with people in external teams as well as with people in your direct team), people will start advocating for you without you even knowing it is happening!

And it won’t matter what business you are in – they are advocating for you – not the business you represent!

You are growing your Leadership and people Skills

As we know: everything rises and falls on leadership.

And anyone can decide to develop their leadership skills when they have a genuine desire to help and find other leaders

In the end you can accomplish very little on your own. You need to work with others to leverage your time.

In the process, you learn people skills.

And mostly acquiring people skills is about your attitude, character and willingness to learn (and not so much about innate ability)

What if the timing is not right for you right now?

Let’s be clear, there is no pressure on anyone to achieve Core-5.

Although most of our learning is oriented to people who see the benefits of and are willing to build their own networks, there are plenty of benefits of just hanging around the great positive and encouraging environment of the CC.

However, if you are seeking results from building a network……..then you need to build a network!

And you can build it at your own pace.

Also you can gradually overcome most obstacles you may have – ask for help.
We are always willing to help the willing!

How to best allocate our time is a problem we all face.

Most of us feel the pressure of the Urgent.

However, none of us want to allow the tyranny of the Urgent to prevent us from achieving what is really Important to us.

In most cases, time allocation can be solved by carefully thinking through priorities, allocating time to build mini-habits and making adjustments to how much time we spend on some activities