Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)

Special Interest groups allow people in a similar industry to collaborate together.

For example, we have a small business SIG where those who provide services for small business can collaborate together (even those providing similar services).

Someone with a passion to form such a group usually asks the CC to consider facilitating the formation of such a group. They will then offer to lead the group, organise and administer Zoom meetings etc.

If you believe you could contribute to such a group you can apply to become a member.

Similarly if you have someone you know in small business who needs help, you may be able to refer them to the Small Business Group.

Often the members of a SIG will be helping clients who express the need for a service that is outside their area of expertise. That member is often able to enthusiastically and authentically advocate for another member of the SIG whom they trust and may be able to help provide that service to their client.

Members of SIG actively listen for opportunities for other members of the SIG as they provide services to their clients. On many occasions, great business needs are discovered in casual conversations.