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Everyone struggles to balance how they spend their time

Do you want to make a huge difference in the lives of others?

People are constantly faced with the battle between spending time on the Urgent vs What’s really important to them.

For example, when faced with the need to generate immediate income it is easy to prioritise spending most of one’s time on activities that produce immediate income.

This focus on the ‘Urgent’ usually comes at the expense of the time invested in activities that have the potential to produce the financial freedom that most people desire.

How can you make the biggest difference in the lives of others?

One of the greatest ways you can help your team members is to show them that they can and must work on their ‘important’ while they are also dealing with their ‘urgent’. Otherwise, life is likely to always be a struggle for them!

Helping your team members have a better life because you helped them learn how to consistently devote a small amount of time to activities that will help them set up a better future is something you may want to consider as the way you could make the biggest difference in the lives of others – especially as those you are helping can “pay it forward” and impact their team members.

First, recognise the patterns that hold people back from the success they desire

Here are a few:

  • Getting lost in means goals because they devote little if any thought to clarifying the end goals they truly desire and how they can achieve them
  • Placing higher priority on pleasing methods rather than pleasing results
    • Time flies when you are having a great time
    • Time drags when you are doing the boring stuff
    • Help people evaluate which activities contribute the most to their desired end goals
  • Believing that ‘urgent’ tasks must be completed before devoting any time to ‘important’ tasks
  • Failing to understand the importance of consistency vs intensity
  • Being prone to distraction – the shiny object syndrome – there’s always something newer and more exciting
  • Sub-consciously planning to become ‘overwhelmed’
    • Working incredibly hard to win the business you need to urgently create cash flow only to find there are not enough hours in the day – and it’s usually the important things that go by the wayside
  • Being a victim of “I will when” the current crisis is over (but with some people, there is almost always a current crisis isn’t there?)
    • Failing to understand that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you choose to react to what happens to you that is one of the biggest determinants of success
  • Starting out with great (New Year’s type) intentions but failing to stick with them
  • Wasting a great deal of time and creating stress by not being well organised
  • Failure to understand the importance of forming great habits and spending time on the important first (see the Rocks-Sand-Water video below)

How can you help?

  • By recognising the resources that could benefit your team member and strongly promoting those resources (for example, videos, books, potential mentors)
  • By asking great questions which may help you team member make some paradigm shifts or remind them of decision they have made and the importance of forming the habits that will help them support those decisions.

Following are some great videos that can help (make sure you are well aware of the messages in these videos before recommending them to a team member)

Note: When you constantly view good short videos (such as those on the NBS playlist), you can pass them on to people in your team (and also to the CC please so others can benefit)

Hint: Consider right-clicking on the following links to open in a new window