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Usually, the steps outlined in this syllabus will be accomplished together with your ‘Connector’ (usually the person who helps you onboard with the Connect Collaborative or CC). However, if your connector is unavailable, you could accomplish these steps on your own.

Together with your Connector you can go through some basics and learn how to start inviting people you don’t know yet (as well as those you do) to take a look at the Connect Collaborative via a CC Intro session.

The objective is for you to be inviting people you know and reaching out to others on LinkedIn with a view to having a Zoom or phone call to discuss how you and they can be collaborating more closely to build your networks.

Important note about your ‘Discovery’ call

When you speak with others, talk about the idea of them collaborating more closely with you to build a relationship-based network.

Your call should NOT be to promote the Connect Collaborative

It’s about finding out if building a relationship-based network is important to your contact

If so, you can move the conversation around to suggest meeting some like-minded others who are doing just that – in a systematic way

Allow the CC Intro call to do the heavy lifting as to what the CC is about

Typically, your Connector will help you onboard the people you know who are keen to build their networks using the CC network building system (and typically you’ll learn a lot simply by observing how your connector does this).

However, many people have managed to learn how to do this successfully by working through this Syllabus with little help from their Connector.

If, for any reason your Connector is temporarily unavailable and you are keen to get going, you can start working through this Syllabus on your own.

You’ll find the Syllabus is very detailed and will give you a great deal of help. You can also benefit greatly by attending interactive workshops and there are many other resources that will help.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your Connector if they can recommend someone else who can help while they are temporarily distracted.