How does it all fit together?

The main purpose of the CC is to help you build your team or team building advocates alongside others in the CC doing the same.

Our belief is that those that have large networks of others actively advocating for them will indirectly achieve benefits beyond their wildest imagination.

Having said that, there are many benefits of simply belonging to the CC. You are more than welcome to participate even if you are not currently building your network (as long as you are not expecting the benefits that come from building your network).

Duplication is a major key to building a large team of team building advocates

We recommend you follow a duplicatable process which lightens the load for everyone.

By duplicatable we mean:

Using an easy-to-follow system that will do much of the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to spend as much time teaching your team everything yourself (who has the time for that?).

It is so exciting when you realise that you only need a small team of people who only need to apply a small amount of consistent activity to rapidly create their own team of team building advocates – made possible by an easy comprehensive system which everyone follows.

Typically you will develop a great relationship with a few people you have introduced to your team. You will also gradually come to know the people that your team members have introduced.

Even though the amount of time you spend with the team your team has introduced will be far less than the amount of time you spend developing relationships with those you have personally introduced, you will usually be held in high esteem by all members of your team and your extended team who will all sing your praises.

Our Network Building System

The NBS provides the tools, processes, learning material & meetings to help you with the following network building functions

  • Make a list of great potential network building partners
  • Reach out to see if these potential partners are available for a quick Zoom call with you
  • Conduct a “Discovery” Zoom call with selected candidates
  • Suggest an introductory call to meet some of the people you are working with and gain an idea of the way we go about it.
  • Follow-up with your CC introductory call attendee to see if they are interested in experiencing the CC Network Building System (NBS)
  • Register them on the NBS
  • Build a closer relationship with those you are onboarding by
    • Helping them progress through our Syllabus
    • Weekly onboarding sessions
    • Helping them attend our Workshops
    • Helping them progress to our Results Accelerator meetings
    • Helping them participate in our community forum
    • Helping them meet relevant others
    • As trust is built, advocating for them
    • Helping them reach out to others and onboard their first few candidates
    • Helping them improve their results over time
  • Develop your skills and learn how to get better
    • Network building results
    • Commerical results through advocacy
  • Increase your leadership skills