Conduct Your Discovery Zoom/Phone Call

Discover where your candidate is at

The purposes of your Discover Zoom call are:

  • ‘Connect’ well
  • Find out if they see the value of building their networks and if so are they likely to be prepared to consistently invest a small amount of time building their network.
  • Do you feel this is someone you’d like to partner with (do you have any reason to not like or trust them at this stage?)
  • Move them to the next step which is either:
    • Let them know that it’s been great talking with them (it always is – even if to save yourself time by discovering they are not someone you want to partner with)
    • If they are enthusiastic about building their relationship-based network, ask if they would like to meet some of the people you are working with to see how we are doing
  • Most importantly, you are looking for people you can build your network with. People who are likely to see the value in building their network in conjunction with others doing the same using a predictable, systemised approach. You are not there to ‘sell’ them how great the Connect Collaborative is or to try and convince them to join anything.
    • If they see really see the value in building their network then it makes sense to take the next step and have a look at what you are doing to build your network with some of your associates. You don’t need to give too much detail. You just need to book them into an information session that suits both your calendars.
  • We have workshops and more material in other lessons around how to have great conversations with potential candidates