Invite good candidates to CC Intro Zoom sessions

What’s a CC Zoom Intro?

The purpose of the CC intro is to give candidates who are interested in building their network an overview of what the CC is about, why we created it and the type of results we have been able to achieve.

Your objectives are:

  • To add your contribution (what you do, a little bit about your family & how the Connect Collaborative has enabled you to help others & others to help you)
  • To book a catch-up time to catch up with your candidate as soon as possible after the meeting (ideally immediately after while it’s fresh in their mind)
    • If it’s possible, book a follow-up time before they attend the CC Intro Zoom. If you have not been able to pre-book a follow-up time, make sure you don’t leave the Zoom without having booked a time. The person facilitating the Zoom will make it easy for you to do so.

What’s the structure of the CC Intro Zoom?

The CC schedules multiple intro Zooms during the week.

These Zooms are facilitated by various experienced network builders.

Broadly, each Zoom falls into the following sections

  • An overview of what the CC is about – how we network differently
  • Network builders introducing themselves and then inviting their guest(s) to introduce themselves
  • The facilitator briefly describing the processes and tools we provide to help people build their networks
  • The facilitator explaining how the subscription works
  • The facilitator asking guests if they have any questions
  • The facilitator suggesting that the network builders make a time to catch up with their guests