Tweak your LinkedIn Profile so that relevant others will want to connect with you

It’s important that others want to connect and have a Zoom with you

When you reach out to others on LinkedIn, before accepting your connection request, many people will view your profile.

It’s important to tweak your profile so that others will want to connect with you with a view to meeting with you on Zoom (your desired outcome)

One of the most important ‘tweaks’ in achieving this will be to add some version of the following as the first few lines of your profile summary:

“Although we may not be able to do business together, it is highly likely that I will know people that could be great contacts for you. I enjoy connecting like-minded others together for their mutual benefit”

This lets people know that your goal is to build trust with them by helping them to meet relevant others.

Should you desire, you may then go on to explain that you do this because you have always received back a great deal more when you give to others first without expecting any immediate return.