What If????

You had a large (and growing) number of people
Proactively advocating for you?

  • How easy would it be to gain business?
  • How easy would it be to easily land the perfect job without delay?
  • How easy would it be to discover & take the next step (whatever that may be)?
    • Utopia?
    • Unbelievable?

Can the Connect Collaborative make this happen for you?

  • Unfortunately Not!

Can the Connect Collaborative give you the tools to make it happen yourself?

  • Absolutely without a doubt – if you are willing – you can make it happen
    • If you find yourself saying: “No one is advocating for me”
    • Ask yourself (not the system) – Why?
      • Why is it that some people receive an abundance of advocacy and others receive very little?
      • If you do enough of the right things for long enough – there is no doubt you will receive an abundance of advocacy
    • Your results are in your control!

Will it be a satisfying journey you’ll enjoy?

  • Most likely if you enjoy & believe in
    • “Paying it forward” (seen the movie?)
      • How satisfying is it when you help others to achieve far greater results?
  • Building trust relationships with great, like-minded others
  • Interacting in a great encouraging community
  • Developing new skills
  • Helping others (engaging in mentoring, coaching, advocacy)
  • Leading by example