Why would I want to use Text Blaze?

When you are interacting with others on LinkedIn, you’ll find yourself typing similar messages over and over again.

You can save yourself a great deal of time by semi-automating the process.

Text Blaze is a fantastic Google Chrome extension that helps you to speed up typing.

Text Blaze is much more efficient than ‘copy and paste’.

Instead of using Text Blaze, you could do the same thing by copying and pasting from a document where you have this message stored, e.g. Google Documents.

This would be a great place to start – especially when you are running some potential messages past the person who is helping you onboard. It would also useful when you are using your mobile.

However, you (and most importantly those who are duplicating what you do) will find using Text Blaze snippets faster and easier in your workflow when you are sending a lot of messages


You could also use another extension, but remember duplication is the key and documentation like this will enable you to be effective when you are enabling others.

Also note that when you use Text Blaze, you can over-type any part of any standard message you set up in Text Blaze to personalise it for the person you are sending it to.