Set up and use Text Blaze

Access the Text Blaze Chrome extension as shown in the following screenshot

This will open up the following window

This will take you to the dashboard

Clicking the above icon will create a new folder as shown in the following screenshot

Now create a new Snippet within the ‘LinkedIn’ folder you created by pressing the big ‘+’ on the left

This will create a new ‘snippet’ as follows


‘Trigger’ causes the specified text to be entered into any online form.
Typically we will be using this in LinkedIn to send a connection request.
However, it could also be used in an email for example.

All ‘triggers’ start with ‘/’ (/cr1 in the following example)

So this is how it might look when you’ve entered the above

Note: {clipboard} inserts the current contents of the clipboard

For example if you copied the word ‘Mary’ to the clipboard (using Ctrl-C) before entering ‘/cr1’, ‘Mary’ would be inserted into the above message when it is pasted.


It is important that you remove any text formatting that could be associated with the snippet text. Often, the text will be pasted with extra blank lines.

To avoid this highlight the text and press Tx (see the following screenshot)

Let’s take a closer look at how this would work in practice

Let’s say you want to send a connection request in LinkedIn as shown in the following screenshot

After clicking “Add a note” (in LinkedIn), you can use ‘/cr1’ to trigger the pasting of the text as follows

This would result in the following

Set up more snippets

As you find yourself typing similar ‘Connection Request’ and ‘Thanks for Connecting’ messages in LinkedIn, start to add such common messages as Text Blaze snippets to have you typing them repetitively.

How to dramatically speed up your connection request process